Retro 70's Van ✌️


I was up late one night looking on Air B&B and happened to stumble across these uber rad caravans and they just so happened to be up the road from where I live in a little town called Budgeree. I messaged the owners (Samantha & Eric) and asked if I could visit with my boys one afternoon to take some pics - and they said yes!! 😁.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and off we went on a little adventure to visit their quirky retro van! I’ve gotta say, it was super cool! They have 3 different vans, each with their own unique personalities, along with some amazing tee-pee tents for a spot of ‘glamping’, all perched around their 120 acre property overlooking the spectacular Strzelecki Ranges. A-MAZ-ING!!!

For all you adventurous souls up for something a little different  - get your groove on and add this to your list! Link for more info:

In the mean time, here are a few pics of my crazy kids for you to enjoy :) 


6 Top Tips On What (Not) to Wear to a Family Photo Session.

Righto, I’m going to start out by saying I know full well what it’s like to be a busy mum with kids. I understand that finding the right Photographer and booking the session can be time consuming enough, without adding to it by worrying about what everyone’s going to wear and how to co-ordinate outfits for the entire family...but the thing is, you really should consider and plan for this if you all want to be looking tippity top 👌. If you’re not bothered too much by it then that’s totally fine. It’s YOUR session, you can wear whatever you like but if you’re feeling uncertain and would like some guidance, keep reading.

Alright, here’s some things I’d personally consider avoiding: 

- Giant logos (they’re distracting in family photos).  

- Neon colours (again, they’re distracting and not too many people can pull them off) 

- Matching outfits

- Large amounts of bright red & orange (can be overpowering and tricky colours to edit)

- White is fine but if you’re the only one in the family wearing a crisp white shirt and everyone else is dressed in darker tones, just know that you’ll be the star of the show 😉 

- Patterns are awesome but if every member of the family is wearing one then your pictures could end up looking like a kaleidoscope. 

Clothing choices matter a great deal to the overall look and feel of your images. If you’re wanting bright, poppy images, then consider wearing bright, poppy colours. I’m not suggesting to rock up looking like a family rainbow but add in some splashes of colour - a colourful necklace, scarf, hat etc. This is particularly good if your session is in winter, or on an overcast day. It’s impossible to control the light and weather but it is possible to adjust your wardrobe. 

It’s also important to consider the location of the session. If it’s outdoors with tonnes of green grass and trees about then I’d probably look to the opposite side of the colour wheel so you stand out from the environment. Think mustard yellow, burgundy, muted mauves, dark dusty pinks, cool bluey-greys, browny-beige....even just splashes of these colours using accessories can make a big difference to your photos amongst all the green. Black is fine but I’d break it up with some colour. 

Be yourself, find something you like and that you’re comfortable wearing but bump it up a notch. Most families I photograph typically want to display the images in their home, so it’s important to look your best! You want to look at your photographs with pride and be happy to share them. 

Pinterest is great for inspiration- search ‘clothing ideas for family photography session’ and find a look that’ll work for you and your family. When you’ve selected your outfits lay them all out on the bed together (I suggest doing this well before your session), that way you’ve time to change it up if there’s something that’s not working for you. If you’re not sure, take a pic and send it through to your Family Photographer. Whilst it takes some planning and preparation it will save you a lot of time and stress on the day of your shoot. 

Here’s a link to a Pinterest board I’ve put together for clothing / colour palette inspo....

Images below are from a family photo session I shot earlier in the year during Summer. Mum did a bang on job. We collaborated. She sent through ideas. Her choices were well considered. The family mesh together beautifully without being matchy because she stuck to a complimentary colour palette, whilst breaking it up with the use of pattern in her girls clothes. They stand out from the environment without being too overpowering. The result? beautiful family pics! Good job mum :)

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Heres another session I shot during the winter months. Mum chose cooler tones with some gentle pops of colour. Again, they co-ordinate without being matchy. She stuck to a complimentary colour palette. They stand out from the environment. These images would look very different had they all been dressed in black or in pale pastel tones.  They're comfortable in what they're wearing because they're not dressed in clothes they wouldn't ordinarily wear but they work together because mum followed some basic rules. The result? Awesome family pics which the family are stoked with. 

PicMonkey Collage-2.jpg

I hope you’ve found this helpful. I know it can feel overwhelming; particularly if you’ve a large family but I promise you’ll be so much happier with your pictures if you put some thought and planning into your choice of clothing. Don't spend your time and money on a family photo session and neglect this bit or you may end up feeling regretful. 

Pure Photography signing out! ☺️ 




What Is Lifestyle Photography?

There's probably a correct definition for 'lifestyle photography' but i'm going to give you my take on what I think it is. For me personally, it sits in the middle of being somewhat authentic and somewhat staged. It sounds contradictory but thats the best way I can describe it. It's not as authentic as documentary photography; whereby one would take a 'fly on the wall' approach, with no interference. Its not as staged as portrait photography, where one would try to have full control over what's in the frame: light, background, clothes, poses, props etc.  However, whilst its neither of these things, it is made up of a blend of these two different approaches. So, when I'm shooting a family session, I'm manufactoring moments that families would share together...things that would actually happen in real life. I create a diversity of opportunities using various prompts (e.g. kiss mummy on the cheek, hold your brothers hand and run to the tree and back) in order to generate real-life type images which might not have spontaneously happened at that specific moment had i not prompted it. 

I've probably explained lifestyle photography in a bit backward way but I hope its been able to give you a better understanding of what it is by explaining what it is not.  That said, I'm not the best explainer of things so I've included some example images of my eldest child for visual clarification.


Documentary Photography....

No interference was taken in the making of this photo ;) I vaguely remember asking him to put some clothes on earlier that day - a request that was clearly ignored. I walked out into the lounge room to find him wandering around in my Dame Edna onion glasses that I received for xmas....yes I do wear them....yes they do work. Onion tears be gone! So yes, I grabbed my camera and quickly snapped this shot.    


Portrait Photography...


"Alby, I want you to sit right here in front of this backdrop (that I've placed at a 45 degree angle to the window), hold  this giant lollipop and slightly tilt your head in this direction". 

*Note* gigantic lollipops equal extra complient children ;)


Lifestyle Photography...

A trip to the park. "Hey Alby, do you think you could climb up on the fence and tell me your funniest joke?". I can't remember what the joke was but judging by his cheeky grin it no doubt involved a poo, a wee or a fart...possibly all three.  

And there you have it! that concludes my take on what lifestyle photography is.

Feel free to get in touch If you'd like to book a session :) 

Thanks for reading! 

Kelly xxx

Pure Photography. 

My Three Hearts :)

When your partner grants you a 20 minute walk around the block to snap some pictures, you don't care that its the middle of the day, or your most ideal location - you grab your camera and RUN! 

The Marks

Seriously, if this family were any more laid back they'd be falling over! Such an easy going, happy little tribe. They were so much fun to photograph. Little Alby kept giving me the sweetest glances of curiosity 'who is this strange lady and what on earth is she doing'?. The love that Lauren & Ben have for their beautiful blue eyed babe really warmed my heart. Its virtually impossible not to fall in love with a family who radiate a mix of love and chilled out vibes.

Peace out beautiful people. Hope you like your pics :)


The Riordans

We all woke up the morning of this session to a very dreary day. It was pouring with rain and we were close to almost rescheduling for another day, but thanks to my partner Simon, who considers himself a weather guru, checked his trusty weather radar and assured us it would fine up by the afternoon - and it did! the rain stopped, the sun came out from behind the clouds and the session went ahead :)

The beautiful Riordans rocked up in their Sunday bests and we captured some really lovely images. I could have spent all afternoon photographing their sweet baby girl, Clara. Seriously, is she not the most adorable little buttercup?